Robert Indiana


Robert Indiana: Full Circle

American INSIGHT’s documentary-in-progress, ROBERT INDIANA: FULL CIRCLE, celebrates the artistic ingenuity of American Pop artist Robert Indiana, who considered Philadelphia his spiritual home.

American INSIGHT has captured hours of footage containing both intimate conversations with him and public appearances during the two decades before his death in 2018: to our knowledge, the only such behind-the-scenes footage taken of this intensely private man during that time.

Inventing, but never patenting, the famous LOVE statue, Robert Indiana continued to use words and typographic forms to define his distinctive approach to both language and art. Exploring the boundaries of meaning within letters and signs, he challenged our traditional conventions of language and art. From large sculpture installations to hard-edged paintings, Indiana incorporated the lyrical nature of poetry while expanding the boundaries of our visual thinking.

Robert Indiana Full Circle

Philadelphia Artist: Robert Indiana at Love Park