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American INSIGHT's mission is to promote the history and the core values of Free Speech, Human Rights, and the Rule of Law by empowering students to discuss how these values are expressed in societies around the world through discussing our Free Speech Films™

What are the responsibilities of Free Speech?

American INSIGHT provides the tools to help you speak out against injustice in socially-acceptable ways.


Free Speech Film Festival

Engage the global community in a conversation about Free Speech, Human Rights, and the Rule of Law by submitting your independent film

Make History Every Day!

Take a deep dive through the history of Free Speech in America to the latest Free Speech Film Festival’s Award-winning films

What Our Interns Say

“What drew me to American INSIGHT was their beliefs. I knew exactly what they stood for and I knew that it aligned with my own beliefs. Working here, I learned how powerful free speech really is. If you believe in something, you have to stand up for it. This applies when speaking with a group of strangers as well as with your jobs and tasks. Here, I wasn’t pushed off to the side. I helped make an impact.”

—Chynna, Temple University

“I applied to intern for American INSIGHT after recognizing their similar awareness and appreciation for justice and freedom of speech across the world. I have also recognized a similar sense of activism in the heroes and archives that American INSIGHT promotes as a part of their mission. Being a young activist is necessary because the issues facing the country today are the youth’s responsibility to troubleshoot. This position has constantly inspired me again and again to trust my beliefs, to act upon them, and furthermore, to continuously educate myself and remain open-minded. I am more than grateful for this experience.”

—India, Tufts University

“I believe that American INSIGHT has huge potential to take up a large amount of mindshare in people who care about free speech issues and truly impact how we both look at history and apply it to the future. I have learned an unprecedented amount about the nation’s history, the people who have paved the way for our rights and freedoms, the injustices that still occur today, and the way that I would like to be part of the conversation moving forward. I am extremely grateful for my experience working with American INSIGHT.”

—Rachel, Georgetown University

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