About American INSIGHT

Who We Are

American INSIGHT's mission is to promote the history and values of Free Speech, Human Rights, and the Rule of Law by empowering students and independent filmmakers to discuss how these values are expressed in societies around the world.

What We Do

Through live events and multimedia digital content, our goal is to provide students with fresh outlook on the core values of our nation’s history, and how these values inspire filmmakers around the globe.

American INSIGHT has developed its online course, Make History Everyday! for use by individuals, institutions, libraries and schools. We provide a number of pricing options to meet various needs, and look forward to discussing them with you.

Why We Do It

American INSIGHT - Gain Agency


  • Unite Free Speech filmmakers, students, audiences
  • Showcase Award-winning Free Speech Directors
  • Invest in the future of global Free Speech


  • Investigate the history + values of Free Speech in America
  • Share these values through Free Speech Films, blog posts, social media
  • Build consensus on what Free Speech accountability means

American INSIGHT provides the tools to help students speak out against injustice through the power of film and social media.

By producing live events and multimedia digital content, our goal is to provide students with a fresh and lasting outlook on the core values of our nation's history, and how these values continue to inspire filmmakers around the globe.

The development of American INSIGHT’s infrastructure and business processes has been funded by private donors and enabled by thousands of hours of volunteer help. The value of our volunteer efforts over the past decade are estimated at over $2,000,000. Our mission and vision are not small; and our programs have been developed by dedicated and committed both full-time and part-time volunteers. As of 2024, our systems integration has been tested, and is ready for marketing and implementation. We will expand our Board of Directors this Spring.

Board of Directors

Margaret Chew Barringer

Founder, Chairman
New Media Pioneer

Robert Emmons Haskell

President, Treasurer
Strategic Systems Architect

Jennifer Hinz Beacom

Vice President
Law Librarian

Alicia Galitzin

Business Owner

Karen Curry

Adjunct Professor

Oliver Franklin

Honorary British Consul

Alexandra G. Kelly

Marketing Strategist

Michael Wood

Professor of English, Emeritus
Consular Corps Association Philadelphia

Member, The Consular Corps Association of Philadelphia (CCAP) is the oldest consular organization in the country and today our 81 Members represent countries from around the world.

ennsylvania Association of Nonprofit Organizations (PANO)

As a member of the Pennsylvania Association of Nonprofit Organizations (PANO), American INSIGHT has committed to the Guiding Principles of the Standards for Excellence: an ethics and accountability code for the nonprofit sector. American INSIGHT pledges to uphold the fundamental values of honesty, integrity, fairness, respect, trust, responsibility and accountability upon which the Standards are based.