Make History Every Day!

Find Your Purpose ... Trust Your Truth … Be the Change!

American INSIGHT’s Free Speech Online Course, Make History Every Day, teaches you how to think for yourself, discover your voice, speak out and be heard.


Designed to strengthen your knowledge about the origins of Dree Speech, Human Rights, and the Rule of Law, this course is a self-guided, multimedia deep dive through history that connects students to our latest Free Speech Films™

What Is Responsible Free Speech?
We Help You Understand

American INSIGHT - Trust Your Truth


  • Inspire students to find their Free Speech
  • Help students understand what Free Speech means
  • Inspire accountability + consensus building


  • Showcase Award-winning Free Speech Films
  • Attract new audiences for Free Speech
  • Discover the sustainable values of Free Speech

American INSIGHT has created an integrative online course, Make History Everyday! for use by individuals, institutions, libraries and schools. As students discuss the Rule of Law from the Magna Carta to the Free Speech Film Festival’s next Free Speech Award-winning film, they gain confidence and self-worth. We provide a number of pricing options to meet various needs, and look forward to discussing them with you.

What Our Students Say

“I’ve taken the Make History Every Day course and I truly believe that it is the start of something really beautiful. I think that people who take the course will leave the course with more agency and more voice and feel more comfortable learning how to spread their knowledge to the outside world, whether it’s through writing, social media, or getting involved in their community. And I look forward to using the tools that I learned through the course in my everyday life as well.”

—Kaylyn Stewart, Pennsylvania, United States

“One of the things that the course brings up, and it’s extremely necessary, is to make you actually reflect on many things. So not only about how you feel about yourself, but how you talk to others, how you can communicate, give your message to others. It makes you think a lot about who you are and why do you do the things you do, if there’s anything you should change about how you communicate.”

—Diana Amaral, Brazil

“The course is about free speech, but there’s the link with all the filmmakers and being able to assess and evaluate and judge how other people are putting their message out through film. And I think that just being able to judge and assess, but then also critique it face-to-face and talk to people and be able to put your opinion out there.”

—Carina Beenessere, United Kingdom